Access Able Transport for All Ages

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    Passengers boarding the bus at The Belvedere Centre
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    Driver John with passenger at The Belvedere Centre. (Photo courtesy of Archant)
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    Driver Ricky assisting Phyllis after attending The Stroke Club. (Photo courtesy of 1st Photographic)
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    Passenger Assistant John with Lucy. (Photo courtesy of 1st Photographic)
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    Walkers celebrating completing our sponsored walk
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    Passengers on a visit to Stody Lodge and Gardens on behalf of a grant by Supporting Friends of Friends of the Elderly

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Welcome to Norwich Door to Door:

Access Able Transport for All Ages

Our Mission

To enable social inclusion and enhance quality of life for people with severe mobility problems on low incomes in Norwich and districts. We offer fully accessible mobility bus services with affordable fares, for independence, equality, safety and security so that our members are empowered to make their own contribution to their community. 

Who we are

We are a caring and welfare charity.  We formed in 1992 and continue to work with the same aims and objectives. We offer a Dial-a-Ride service for people who are on low income, who need extra help and a friendly hand to be able to get out and about independently.  For our passengers and their carers transport is the key to freedom and autonomy and there is the added assurance of the safety and security of a door to door service.

Our passengers tell us they want to be able to choose when they travel.  They want to be able to plan days when they feel well and have access to support that empowers them.  They want to make their own contribution to their own society in their own way.

How do we do it

We operate a fleet of ten mobility buses all equipped with “to the ground” front of bus steps, passenger lifts big enough for wheelchairs, walking aids and scooters, and a Multipurpose Vehicle for up to three passengers with a drive in wheelchair ramp.  Each bus operates with a two person crew who receive accredited training for operating mini buses suitable for the safe carriage of people travelling in their wheelchairs.

To contribute to our budget in today’s more austere funding environment, we have secured contracts to transport disabled children to special and mainstream schools.  In addition, our passengers make a contribution toward the cost of their transport.  We balance our needs though applying for grant funding both locally and nationally, and by our events.  We are in receipt of grant funding through Norfolk County Council Passenger Transport, Norwich City Council, Broadland District Council and South Norfolk District Council.

How we change lives

Our service enables our passengers to connect with their communities, experience an enhanced state of well being and sense relief from the feeling of isolation and depression of spirit. There has been much research already done by august bodies like the British Medical Association and Leonard Cheshire Disability on the importance of social inclusion for a sense of well being.  We also regularly organise our own surveys on passengers experience and wishes.  Last year, in keeping with current thinking, we undertook our first Social Impact Report and Social impact Triangle attached.  Our recent assessment of the effect the charity has on its new passengers has been complied in a  follow up Social Impact Report 2013


Watch our DVD about of service including interviews with our Chief Executive Gillian Gaul, volunteers and passengers

‘I would be house bound.  Taxis I could not afford if I could I would never get the care and attention I get from Door to Door.  Nothing is too much trouble for them.  They are almost like a family.  Without them my life would sadly not be the same, I depend on them for so much’,  Celia 

‘It changed my life, I cannot stand for any period so taking the bus was impossible.   It is a lifeline to the outside world, without Door to Door my shopping would be a nightmare’, Sylvia 

‘Door to Door allows us to have access to places we would not be able to get to otherwise.  The summer trip programme was really enjoyable and we got to meet up with other members and feel confident and safe on the transport’, Paul and Sue

Registered as an Industrial and Provident Society Charity for the Benefit of the Community 27814R, a Charity Registered with the Inland Revenue XR25792 081 

Who Helps Us?

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